A toss? Kageyama tossed to him!

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I'll protect you... 

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So I found this





I can’t be a parent what if my kid is allergic to dogs


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"I’m already happy. I’ve got the coolest friend in the world!"

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 "I have the Six Path's power too... Chidori! Naruto! Aim at me when you attack! That should work!" "It kind of pisses me off, but there' no time to doubt you!" 
Sasuke & Naruto - Chapter 674


at first it was meant to be some sort of Kei re-draw for my twitter, but then I remembered I barely submitted anything these days on tumblr, so figured it probably won’t hurt to browse it here too. idek

you can definitely blame this photoset. Second gif should be illegal>.<


As promised, here’s the full translation:

A commemoration for Gintama’s 10th year anniversary breakthrough!

An absolutely secret (?) project is currently in the works?!

For 2014, the ‘Commemoration for Gintama’s 10th Year Anniversary Breakthrough’ has silently been in development!

There are plans to publish a Mook (half-magazine, half-book publication) for the series, as well as a surprise challenge for Sorachi-sensei?!

Over the years, as we go forth with these plans in mind, we hope you’ll look forward to it as well!

Text beside Kagura:

Good luck! Hope you push through with that planning book!

Text beside Sakata Gintoki:

We’ll be expecting it… probably!!

Text beside Shimura Shinpachi:

Sorachi-sensei is expected to go all out on this!


do you have those friends on tumblr 

that you pretty much never talk to 

but you follow them and they follow you 

and whenever you see them on your dash 

it just makes you smile and you’re so happy they’re there 

and yet you’ve still barely spoken to one another 

because i have a few of those 

and i love you to bits okay 

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エースログ by さい

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30 Day One Piece Challenge!

Day 4: Character You Most Dislike ›› Akainu

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